Breakthrough Listen Follow-up of the Reported Transient Signal Observed at the Arecibo Telescope in the Direction of Ross 128

On 16 July 2017, the Breakthrough Listen Team conducted C-band (4-8 GHz) observations of Ross 128 using the GBT. The current Breakthrough Listen digital back-end (MacMahon et. al. 2017) is capable of operating over the full 4 GHz span of the receiver simultaneously. The Breakthrough Listen back-end is unique in the sense that it can records time series voltage data of the full band, allowing arbitrary time and frequency resolution depending on science needs.

During the campaign we conducted 3x5-min observations of Ross 128 interleaved by 5-min observations of an OFF source star (Hipparcos 55848). This set of observations was followed by a 15-min on-source observation of Ross 128.

More information can be found on this link:

We note that in some observations particularly of Hipparcos 55848 some pulse-like signals are present. They are explained by strong RFI that leaks over the full band.


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Here's an example of the naming convention (with "_" as the delimiter) for all the files found herein:


blc10The name of the compute node. Data were collected on 32 compute nodes named blcXY, where X is a 1500MHz bank, and Y is one of eight 187.5MHz segments making up the bank. The total set of compute nodes is blc{0..3}{0..7}. The frequencies are descending, so blc00 has the highest frequencies, and blc37 the lowest. There is a two-node overlap between the banks. For example, blc06 and blc10 have the same center frequency, as do blc07 and blc11. This is to reduce the effect of the bandpass shape between banks.
guppiThe files always contain this as they were recorded using guppidaq.
57950The floor(MJD) of the start of this observation.
74488The seconds since midnight (UT) of this observation.
HIP55848The target name.
0010.gpuspec.0002.filThe "0010" is the scan #, "gpuspec" means this raw data was reduced by "gpuspec" software, the "0002" is an arbitrary internal reference to the time/frequency resolution of the data, and "fil" denotes the file format, in this case filterbank.